Relating with our Relational God will foster multidimensional spiritual growth, strengthen your faith and enable you to be more fruitful in life. You will gain strengthened vision and learn how to relate and engage with God according to His love, grace and dynamic covenant ways.
Transforming Water to New Wine reviews the book of John, cross-connecting with other Scriptures, to present a unique perspective of God’s transformational process. You will glean insights on heavenly realities and living in relationship with God to experience the new life of the Spirit.
Discerning the Seasons provides insights into the Appointed Times or Feasts of the Lord: special “open heaven” times of the pour of God’s love. They serve as visual aids, pointing to the rhythm of heaven, redemption of Messiah Jesus and Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
Bringing God into the Equation of Your Business provides a framework of dynamics encompassing patterns, principles, processes and paradigms that can be applied from the wisdom of the Scriptures. It provides a multidimensional perspective of God and the ways of the Kingdom of God to be applied in practical ways in all business settings.