Discover the Treasure Map to God’s Glory

Meet, Relate and Engage with God According to the Rhythm of Heaven

God originally designed the Feasts of the Lord as a series of special appointed times and ways to engage with Him. Within these appointed times and ways, God hid some very rich treasures. So you can call them love feasts!

On the one hand, they provide special opportunities to receive the pour of God’s love and relate with the Lord according to the rhythm of heaven. They also serve as visual aids, revealing multiple dimensions of the grace of God and foreshadowing the amazing grace found in Messiah and the power of the Holy Spirit.

So mining the treasures in these Feasts of the Lord will enrich your life and help you gain traction with God. That’s why we designed this devotional as a discovery map. It will help you navigate through life, engage with God and discover nuggets of God’s treasures. It will also help you connect the dots, so to say, and bring God into the equations of your life to find His glory.

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You’ll find additional information below the Grid to provide more insights on God’s purposes.  Be blessed as you experience the pour of God’s love and His times of open heavens!

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Catch God’s Rhythm According to His Plan of Engagement

The early disciples were familiar with celebrating the Feasts of the Lord. They related with and experienced God in a very real and dynamic way. They had a multidimensional perspective of the multidimensional/manifold grace of God. They knew the historical purposes of the Feasts. After Pentecost, they experienced the greater realities of the pour of God’s love during these special times.

This devotional will help you cultivate such a perspective. It will nurture you by helping you intimately relate with God, know the genuine love of God and experience fruitful life in God. You will connect with God according to the ancient paths in a real, refreshing and personal way that will expand your faith and bring hope to your heart.

How? God originally designed the Feasts of the Lord as a series of appointed ways for His covenant people to engage with Him. While the original outward ways of celebrating these appointed feasts have evolved over time, God imbedded in them measures of grace concealed in the old covenant but dynamically revealed as amazing grace in the upgraded or new covenant! In fact, through the light of Messiah Yeshua-Jesus, we see these appointed ways and love feasts as illustrations and expressions of God’s love in ways with which we can connect and relate.

On the one hand, you will see, as the apostle, Paul did, God’s greater purposes. He revealed in Colossians 2:17 that these appointed times are a shadow of things that are coming, but the body is of the Messiah. As shadows of grace rich in symbolism, they point forward to the one casting the shadow Messiah Yeshua-Jesus Christ!

He came as the Light to reveal God’s love and illuminate God’s truths. He revealed how to apply God’s truths in relevant and practical ways that nurture our faith. Seen through His light with eyes of faith we can see how these Feasts of the Lord– His appointed ways– serve as visual aids illustrating ways God seeks to engage and relate with us so we know Him better and enjoy a more dynamic and fruitful relationship with Him.

His footsteps–our pathway

Psalm 85:13 relates how His footsteps are our pathway. The Pathways to Glory Grid, or map so to say, captures these special types of engagements in a multidimensional way, taking you on a multi-path journey with God. As you go it will illuminate real, refreshing and dynamic ways to relate with God.

You will see how these engagements serve to help us see the big picture more clearly and gain fresh insights into God’s process and pattern. As a result, your knowledge of God and relationship with God will be greatly enhanced.

You will also more fully understand God’s grace and His way of redemption and restoration. In addition, you will be able to discern the wisdom and will of God as your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is sharpened and your focus is centered on God’s greater purposes. Overall, your life will come into greater alignment and union with God. You will relate with how God works in all aspects of your life; your relationships and vocational life.

May the Lord bless you as the Holy Spirit pours out God’s love and enlightens you; that you find God’s wisdom, experience His purposes– and He be glorified!

Ways to Use the Grid

A Dynamic Framework for Spiritual Growth

Gain deep insights and experience transformation through the appointed ways God ordained to relate with Him. Follow key topics relevant to your walk with the Lord. Along the path, each devotional provides vertical and horizontal next steps to help you track with God’s rhythm. So you can dig deeper and reach farther.

Horizontal Approach

Choose from any of the 7 horizontal Relational tracks moving across the grid focusing on one topic at a time.

Vertical Approach

Do a study across the 7 vertical Feast tracks.

Spirit-led Approach

Allow the Holy Spirit to direct your study and devotion as He leads you along your journey of life, and as specific topics become of particular interest and relevance to you.

Grace in the Pattern and Process

As you engage with God keep focused on the big picture of His process and pattern. Therein, you will find His grace and redemptive values as you relate with how God is working in your life.

Catch the Broad Vision

See the additional Background information below to gain a deeper understanding of how the Appointed Times or Feasts of the Lord connect with God’s covenant and align with God’s process of Creation, Revelation and Redemption– bringing you into greater sync with the rhythm of heaven.

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Background on God’s Covenant:

The Appointed Times-Feasts of the Lord

The Feasts of the Lord Reveal God’s Covenant Way

God operates and engages with mankind through an order and framework of a kind of relationship immersed in the love of God He calls covenant. He illustrated the nature of His heart and way of His covenant through a progressive series of covenants; first with Adam and Eve, then Noah, then Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

He established a covenant and a law– or set of instructions based on His love– with Moses; then progressively updated it through David. As the prophets, Jeremiah and Ezekiel foretold, God said He would seal a new covenant on peoples’ hearts. It would enable people to know and experience the multidimensional depths of God’s love in a new and greater way. This upgraded covenant has been fulfilled in Messiah Yeshua–Jesus.

An important aspect of God’s covenant relates to the Appointed Times or Feasts of the Lord. They serve as a cycle of ways in which God engages with His people. He didn’t appoint these encounters to be legalistic rituals, but real dynamic and relevant ways to receive special pours of God’s love to enable you to relate with God’s grace and truth– and thus interact with God to bear fruit unto His glory!

So God established these Feasts of the Lord as seven particular appointed times grouped into three seasons. Truly, they represent annual cycles of life with relevance to our spiritual and physical lives. Through these appointed times, we see God’s overall pattern of Creation, Revelation and Redemption.

It is a pattern He continuously works through. It is the pattern of His rhythm. It works the way rhythm and cadence work in music– a flowing pattern bringing you to rest and peace. It is the way He designed for our lives to be in sync with Him!  Truly, the Feasts of the Lord serve to help us relate and engage with our loving God in a truly dynamic and fruitful way!

Truly, everything God does happens within the determined purpose and foreknowledge of God (Acts 2:23). God used the agricultural seasons to illustrate a process of ways in which He interacts with us; ways in which the Spirit of God flows to accomplish His purposes. He, therefore, would have us be more sensitive to His rhythm. Solomon had something to say about this.

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

And a wise man’s heart discerns both time and judgment, because for every matter there is a time and judgment
(Ecclesiastes 8:5-6)

God’s Way and Rhythm:

Creation → Revelation → Redemption

God is always creating new things for His glory. His works flow through His grace; originating in His love and finding destiny in truth and redemption. The first way, in fact, God revealed Himself was as the Creator.

God is always creating. He spoke to Isaiah several times (chapters 42:9, 43:19 and 48:6) about new things He creates. Through the Feasts of the Lord and cycle of appointed seasons, we see the outpouring of God’s love and outworking of God’s process of Creation, Revelation and Redemption.

Through the season of Unleavened Bread, we see God initiating His creative and redemptive process. He separates light from darkness, truth from lies, righteousness from sin—and people from bondage. God creates new things by speaking His Word and breathing His Spirit.  In Unleavened Bread, God draws us unto Himself, reveals new things and points to a way to transition and grow closer to God.

Through the season of the Feast of Weeks or Harvest—and evidenced in Pentecost—we see God’s Word and Spirit revealing and manifesting the fullness of God’s love and knowledge of God, His truth, His power and His glory. We also see God preparing us for a deeper and more meaningful experience with Him.

Through the season of Tabernacles, we see God’s cyclical process come to a state of rest and completion. We see His kingdom order established. We see trials come to a resolution in Messiah’s victory. We value God’s presence and love in a fresh way and come to a place and state of rest, reflection, redemption and restoration; preparing us for a next cycle.

So through the feast seasons, we see God connecting heaven with earth. We see the big picture of His will being accomplished on earth as it is in heaven. Furthermore, we see God’s purposes work through the process of time, and God’s kingdom manifesting and revealing itself.

In addition, we see a way that brings alignment and unification between man and God—our Creator. We see the big picture of a prophetic path leading towards destiny.  We also see the Lord in the feasts—in a multitude of ways! Seeing God’s pattern and

So as you engage with God according to the rhythm of the Feasts of the Lord, you will be blessed in so many ways. Seeing God’s pattern and process will help your relationship with God grow in a real, dynamic and refreshing way.

Experiencing the Fullness of the Feasts of the Lord: Dates, Seasons and Life’s Cycles

God’s calendars are reflected in two ways. There is a spiritual/sacred calendar and a civil/agricultural calendar. The fact that the 1st spiritual month parallels the 7th civil month and 1st civil month parallels the 7th spiritual month points to a relationship between the two cycles!

The spiritual cycle represents our relationship with God from a spiritual standpoint. The civil cycle was designed around agricultural seasons, primarily reflecting upon our work life.

Our focus, however, is engaging in a relationship with God and keeping the big picture in mind; how Messiah Yeshua-Jesus has fulfilled the greater purposes of the feasts, making them relevant to our walk with God. Therein we find the manifold grace of God. It is the Lord who leads us through paths of righteousness.

Living Life in its Fullness:

In the Lord — I AM

God introduced Himself to Moses as I AM WHO I AM; using the Hebrew words, ehyeh asher ehyeh, meaning, I will be that I will be. He came as Messiah to the Jewish people as Yeshua, meaning in Hebrew, salvation; or as commonly known in the Greek, Jesus. So He became Lord and Savior to all humanity who will receive His love, believe and place trusting faith in Him.

Jesus connected to the multidimensional love of God and God’s designation of I AM through seven specific declarations. These declarations, in essence, disclosed the fullness of His identity as Messiah. Through these disclosures He described in a big way who He is, and who He will be to those who believe:

I AM the Bread of Life

I AM the Light of the World

I AM the Door of the Sheep

I AM the Good Shepherd

I AM the Resurrection and the Life

I AM the Way the Truth and the Life

I AM the True Vine

We expand on these disclosures and how each relates to the Feasts through the Grid section pages, Living Life in the Lord.