Insights and Inspiration


Discover the Secret to Faith Marked by Courage

Joshua discovered more than the values and benefits of having faith in God. He discovered the keys to cultivating courage– faith put to action. One thing Joshua did was to make a key decision in his heart. He settled this critical issue—to fear God and serve God in sincerity and in truth—or walk in integrity. Think about it. He had in effect settled several key issues in his heart. He chose to trust God and walk in total faithfulness; then serve God and not just himself. (more…)

Living in Love, Grace and Sacrifice

David, the man after God’s own heart, approached God with humility and a sensitive heart. He was familiar with the rituals of animal sacrifice prescribed in the Law of Moses. However, he came to understand the deeper issues of concern to God. He learned God’s ways of love, grace and sacrifice. He, therefore, pointed to the way of Messiah. (more…)

Contrasting Ways to Deal with Conflict: Key Lessons from Jacob, David and Peter

Life is an interesting, yet challenging journey. It’s filled with much conflict; twists and turns, rough and smooth places, much turbulence, mountains and valleys.  There are always opportunities to gain a sharper focus and greater understanding; then pivot upward and forward. (more…)

Living Clean in Grace and True Holiness

David, the man after God’s own heart, understood the concept of holiness from God’s perspective. He learned how to differentiate holiness, however, from the religiosity of ritual, dogmatism and legalism. How so?

God took David the shepherd boy and trained him through hard trials and conflict. He fashioned David into His model of a righteous King. For this reason, David was referenced as a forerunner of the Messiah. So when Yeshua-Jesus showed up on the scene the people referred to Him as Son of David. (more…)

Overcoming Fear to Walk in Victorious Faith

God wants you to be blessed and realize the greatest purposes for which He created you. What typically keeps many of us from experiencing God’s best for, however, us is some sort of fear. It could be fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of shame, fear of the future, fear of being alone, fear of harm, fear of loss, fear of the unknown or countless other fears. God, however, wants you to experience transformation and overcome fear. He wants you to grow from living in a state of fear to one of victorious faith. (more…)

Experiencing God’s Restoration and Redemption

Restoration and redemption are among the most paramount themes in the Bible. They are top-of-mind purposes of God’s. In fact, the entire Bible weaves stories of restoration and redemption from beginning to end. The subject, therefore, is of utmost relevance and should be of crucial importance to us all. (more…)

Experiencing Wholeness in God

God wants you to experience wholeness. How so? You’ve been created in God’s image—a likeness representing aspects of His identity. You have: relational and creative capacities—abilities to gain knowledge, think, create and communicate; functional capacities—abilities to love, produce and do awesome things; and a moral capacity—ability to discern right and wrong. You, therefore, have been created with certain God-given endowments and have the capacity to bear amazing fruits in and through Him. (more…)

How Strengthened Vision Can Change Your Life

God wants to strengthen your vision so you see more things from His perspective. That way, you will experience more of His blessings. Consider the Bible story of the suffering of Job. Do you know what crucial factor changed his life and brought him double what he had lost? After enduring 41 chapters of his trial Job uttered a profound statement; “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You” (Job 42:5). The big question is—what did He see? (more…)

Experience Fruitful Dimensions of God’s Sabbath Rest

God designed the Sabbath for specific purposes. One was that we come into sync with the rhythm of Heaven; come into harmony with God. But do we really know and experience the kind of rest He envisioned? The prophet Isaiah was given the opportunity to gaze through the veil of heavenly reality several times. Towards the climax of his book in the Bible God used him to prick mankind’s curiosity by proclaiming profound insights relating to God’s concept of the Sabbath rest. (more…)

Discerning the Shift at the Crossroads

Crossroads typically indicate a shift in God’s direction. Wisdom and discernment is crucial. The crossroads is not a place to fear, but place trusting faith in God’s faithfulness and redemptive purposes. Crossroads lead to paths that advance us towards the places and destinies God has prepared and reserved for us. (more…)