Our Vision

Helping people arise in God’s strength and navigate the paths and waves of life to find the lost treasures of an active and dynamic covenant relationship immersed in God’s love, bearing fruits of His redemptive grace and truth, bringing honor and glory to God.

Our Mission

  • Proclaim messages bringing God’s promises of hope to Jew and Gentile in a framework presenting 1st century patterns for the 21st century
  • Be an extension of God’s love, representing His mercy and truth, fostering redemption and reconciliation through training and mentoring
  • Encourage people to arise in the faithfulness of God, and engage in active relationship with God through prayer, study of His word and ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Encourage believers to cultivate and express the fullness of their gifts and callings in active service to God and mankind
  • Advance God’s cause, fostering unity and community amongst God’s people, establishing His glory in the earth in fulfillment of John 17

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