Behold Your God

We’re about helping people experience God by fostering dynamic spiritual growth that empowers fruitful and victorious living in God’s love, grace and truth. We encourage dynamic active relational engagement with God through prayer, study of God’s Word and ministry of the Holy Spirit. We call it a lifestyle that brings God into the equations of your whole life—real worship in spirit and truth. So behold the Lord, be strengthened in the Holy Spirit and be the light of God’s glory shining brightly in the world around you!

Featured Ministry Resources

MyPathwaysDevotional is a devotional experience that fosters engaging with God from a topical standpoint—over 100 topics in all. Let God’s Word and Spirit train you by providing practical guidance, wisdom, and solutions relating to a variety of situations and places in which you may find yourself. As a result you will experience greater dimensions of God’s freedom and peace.
Relating with our Relational God is a series of modules revealing multidimensional dynamics of the Kingdom of God. It will foster spiritual growth and strengthen your faith and relationship with God, resulting in a more fruitful life. You will gain strengthened vision and learn how to relate and engage with God according to His love, grace and dynamic covenant ways.
Transforming Water to New Wine reviews the book of John, cross-connecting with other Scriptures, to present a unique perspective of God’s transformational process. You will glean insights on heavenly realities and living in relationship with God to experience the new life of the Spirit. As a result, you will see how God’s transformational process brings you out of a life of despair to delight, joy and hope.
Pathways to Glory is a devotional or “treasure map” that will help you engage with God according to the rhythm of heaven; the Appointed Times or Feasts of the Lord recorded in the Bible. See how Messiah Jesus fulfilled these covenant feasts and how these special times of “open heavens” can help you grow in your relationship with God.