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Interactive Guide

The Pathways to Glory Interactive Devotional will guide you according to the plan and process God designed to serve as a blueprint for interacting and relating with Him—the Feasts of the Lord.



Discovering How to Walk
in Spiritual Reality
through Active Relational
Engagement with God


by Harvey L. Diamond


The Bible records countless ways how God’s people have experienced His amazing love, witnessed His awesome power, and walked with Him to see His faithfulness throughout the centuries. He has released people from the most horrid forms of bondage, refreshed starving souls and filled them with real joy, provided vision and wisdom to those living in darkness and confusion, imparted peace and hope to the hopeless, and safety and security to the lost.

Truly, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a real and living God!  How does one engage, however, in real relationship with an invisible God? Now we’re not talking about forms of religious practices, but active engagement with a relational God who seeks real relationships.

Truly, He has given us two ways: His Word and Spirit. We have His word in the Scriptures. It is His Spirit, though, that gives life to mankind. His Spirit also has the capacity to connect and relate with Him on a personal basis. Old Testament characters experienced His Spirit from time to time. All who believe in Messiah Jesus, though, have permanent access to His wonderful Spirit residing in the heart.

It simply takes trusting faith: the kind of faith that responds beyond man’s natural tendency to rationalize about God. That’s because God, who is Spirit, seeks to relate with His children. Relating with God takes trusting faith to respond to His voice speaking in the inner recesses of the heart. 

How to relate with God? How to hear His voice speaking to your heart? One way God did prescribe as a way to relate and interact with Him was through the Appointed Times of the Lord. They, in effect, serve as a blueprint of the way God planned to relate and engage with His people on a continuous basis.  

In fact, we’ve created an easy way to learn to relate with God through our PATHWAYS TO GLORY Relational Devotional. Check it out. Through this devotional, you will find a balanced approach to engaging and relating with our relational God and nurturing trusting faith in a way He designed. The Lord bless you along the journey!




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