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Real Depression Treatment God’s Way

by Harvey L. Diamond


Depression has long plagued the human race. While there has been much research on the subject, depression knows no simple cause, nor does it have a simple solution. For, there are many forms, many causes, and likewise, many ways depression is treated.

One of the most overlooked sources of healing from depression is God. While there are many who may point to God’s word as a place to discover “how to” be healed or “what to do” about it, less understand the nature of God and way God works. For, as His word in fact says, His ways are not our ways, but higher than our ways. (Isaiah 55:8)

Truly, depression is not unknown to God. He does have real answers, real solutions because He created us! Please believe me, this is not meant to be a cliché. With faith in His word and real solutions from the Holy Spirit, depression can be dealt with and cured. For, God has real solutions, and wants us to seek Him for His solutions. In fact, the book of Psalms is chock full of examples of how people have experienced depression, and received God’s comfort. I can testify.

Why are you cast down, O my soul?
And why are you disquieted within me?
Hope in God;
For I shall yet praise Him,
The help of my countenance and my God.
(Psalm 42:11)

How Can You Hope and Trust in God for Real Healing from Depression?

There are four parts to God’s healing process:

  1. Being honest with yourself, choosing to be healed, seeking God’s way
  2. Discovering the root causes of why you are depressed
  3. Engaging with God in a real way—His way—to receive His healing
  4. Acting in faith and with courage as you walk through His solution

Choosing to Be Honest with Yourself and Wanting God to Heal You

Pain of heart is very real to me. I’ve also known many people who have experienced pain of heart. It, therefore, amazes me how many people suffer from depression and anxiety but either won’t admit it or seek to truly be healed. In many cases, there is a real spiritual stronghold preventing one from being able to see, admit or desire healing.

We, therefore, sometimes choose paths that appear to be therapeutic or in reality, help us avoid dealing with the real issue. The truth is avoiding confronting the issue that plagues our inner being only causes more harm—to us, and also to people around us.

Discovering the Root Causes of Depression

Researchers have long theorized the factors causing depression. They acknowledge that depression works differently in individuals, and that there is typically never one single cause. They do, however, point to physical and external causes. While some symptoms may signify a medical condition, most symptoms result from a variety of external influences and the way we respond. That makes depression a real spiritual issue.

The root causes of many symptoms of depression often occur during one’s childhood. For, that’s where our behavior systems are largely influenced, formed and affected. The path of discovery, therefore, often points to our relationships with family, friends and other influential people as well as critical events that occurred that had significant effects.

We must understand that things happen in life beyond our control. Whether they happened early in life or during latter parts of our life, why things happen as they do is not the issue to focus on. As soon as we get over the “why” question, we can begin going down the path of healing.

Difficult crises and traumatic events will happen. We may also be put in situations and have to live through painful and difficult circumstances for inordinate periods of time. Such things produce fractures in our hearts and confuse our minds. If we don’t experience true healing and learn how to cope, we become high risk candidates for depression.

Unfortunately, we typically fall into the trap of blaming someone or something, or finding alternative means of soothing or masking the pain. For, it makes us feel better. Truly, however, nobody wins the blame game or pain-avoidance game. It only prolongs real healing, and keeps us in bondage. Ask God for the grace to forgive those you may have been blaming. Then ask Him to give you the gift of mercy. See those who have offended you as not knowing what they have done. They too, need healing. Look to God for strength.




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